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Thessaloniki waterfront

A Guide to Greece's Hippest City

Thessaloniki, (also known as Salonika or Saloniki,) has given Greece some of its greatest musicians, artists, poets and thinkers. It has some of the most beautiful beaches and has some of the finest hotels and best restaurants in northern Greece. Home to the Thessaloniki Film Festival and the International Trade Fair and host to many cultural events, it would take pages and pages to tell you all about the city and surrounding areas and I would have to spend a year there to see it all. But this site should be enough to get you started. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to E-mail Matt and if you enjoy this site please share it with your friends on Facebook or whatever form of social media you are currently addicted to. If you plan to visit Thessaloniki along with the Greek Islands or other places on the Greek Mainland and you require assistance with hotels, ferries and tours, use my Create-an-itinerary form

Thessaloniki waterfront

Thessaloniki fishermen
A Visit to Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki cafe-bar
Cool Places

Capsis Bristol Hotel Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki Hotels

White Tower, Thessaloniki
What to See in Thessaloniki

Politiki Salata
Thessaloniki Restaurants

Thessaloniki Walking Tours
Panagiotis' Thessaloniki Tours

Thessaloniki White Tower
Thessaloniki Photos

Thessaloniki Cruise
Getting to/from Thessaloniki

Sithonia, Halkidiki
A Journey to Sithonia

Halkidiki beach
Beaches of Halkidiki

Sithonia Photos

Mount Athos, Greece
Mount Athos

Thessaloniki Taxi
Taxi in Thessaloniki

Saints Peter and Paul
Footsteps of St Paul Tour

Fantasy Travel
Greek Travel Agents

Thessaloniki Waterfront
Villas and Apartments

Electra Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Page

Kavala, Greece

Eagle's Palace Hotel, Halkidiki Halkidiki Page

Rental car Suzuki Grand Vitara
Car Rental

Thessaloniki Jewish Heritage Tour
Jewish Heritage Tour

Thessaloniki Cooking Class
Thessaloniki Cooking Class

Thessaloniki Bike Tour
Thessaloniki Bike Tour

Catamaran Cruise
Thessaloniki Catamaran Cruise

Pozar Springs
Pozar Springs & Edessa Day Trip

Thessaloniki Food tour
Guided Food Tour

Mount Athos Day Trip
Mount Athos Day Trip

Dion & Mount Olympus Day Trip

Halkidiki Beaches Cruise
Halkidiki Beaches Cruise

Meteora Day Trip
Meteora by Car Day Trip

Meteora by Train Tour

Meteora Bus Tour
Meteora by Bus Day Trip

Peloponessos, Greece
Matt's Greek Mainland Pages

Matt's Suggested Itineraries

Matt's Create-an-itinerary Form

You can find more Thessaloniki Hotels on Matt's Hotels of Greece Thessaloniki Page

5 Day Tour of Northern Greece: 
Delphi, Meteora, Thessaloniki & Macedonia

Thessaloniki, GreeceJoin this unique five day tour where you will be able to explore Northern Greece and its rich history, from the ancient city-states, to the Byzantine Empire and up until modern times. Starting from Athens, the capital of Greece, you will take the scenic route through the plains of Beotia until you reach Delphi, 'the navel of the world', according to ancient Greeks. There you will see the ruins of the great Oracle, before reaching to final destination for the day, Kalambaka. Just a breath away from this cozy town of central Greece, you will find Meteora, an incredible spectacle or massive rock pillars rising up from a valley to form a truly rare sight. On top of the pillars, Byzantine monasteries have stood for centuries, adding yet another layer to the sense of wonder that fills any visitor. Time to head north to Macedonia, the land of Alexander the Great. You will establish your base at Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city and a place that was second only to Istanbul during the Byzantine Empire. Remnants of that era are still about, in the form of architecture, art and archaeological sights. From Thessaloniki, excursions to nearby towns will give you a rare insight on a side of ancient Greek history most visitors don't get the chance to experience. Aristotle's School of Philosophy in Naoussa, the Royal Tomb of King Phillip II, the capital of Alexander the Great (Pella) and many more await you!
See 5 Day Tour in Northern Greece


Thessaloniki TaxiThessaloniki Taxi
Transfers, Tours and Excursions in and around Thessaloniki
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