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Hotel Aegean Beach, Sounion

People using my website will notice that I have several hotel booking sites. This page will help you understand what they are, what they do and how to use them to research and book hotels all over Greece. The above photo is the Hotel Aegean Beach in Sounion

Matt Barrett's

Hotels of GreeceThe first one is which is a collection of almost all the hotels in Greece that can be booked by travel agencies, through the hotels themselves, or through What I did was find the highest rated hotels in the best locations, putting the ones I recommend the highest at the top of each page and then listing them by category below. Most of the hotels received a rating of at least 9.0 with the ones at the top of the page  with photos usually rating well above that while the ones below I did not include any hotel below 8.0 and most around 8.5. Some hotel ratings fluctuated but basically I just picked out the best hotels to make it easier for the reader to find a good hotel without having to look at crummy hotels too.
Visit Matt Barrett's Hotels of Greece

Search Hotels in Greece

Search Hotels in GreeceThis site is basically a page that enables you to search all the hotels on by location. No matter how you feel about the fact is that whether you use it to book or not there is no better way to research hotels. Using their search options and filters you can narrow down choices to find exactly what you want. Most hotels have dozens if not hundreds of reviews from people who have stayed there and loved it or even hated it. Each hotel has lots of photos and a map that not only shows you the location of the hotel but also restaurants, shops, and other hotels or villas nearby. If a hotel you like is full they suggest similar hotels some not as well known but in many cases better than your original choice. Their cancellation policy is very reasonable, often free and most of the time you don't actually pay until you get to the hotel. See Matt's Search Hotels in Greece Page

Book Greek Hotels Directly

Book Hotels in Greece DirectlyThis Greece Hotel Guide is made up of hotels that can be booked directly with the hotels themselves. If you don't want to use a Greek travel agent or you have discovered that many hotels on don't have availability, then you can use this page to go directly to the hotel's booking system. There are many hotels that are not even on and other hotel booking sites and there are a large number of villas and holiday homes as well. I made this page during covid when I had nothing better to do and so far the results have been disappointing. I think because the links go directly to the booking form and if you want more info and photos you have to click on some other links but hopefully people will figure it out.
See Matt's Book Greek Hotels Directly Page

Villas of Greece

Rent a Villa in GreeceBelieve it or not long before there was an Air BnB there was Matt's Villas of Greece page where you could find not only villas but holiday homes, apartments in Athens, and even hotels with separate houses with kitchens. We started this page in the years before the 2004 Athens Olympics when we knew there was going to be a shortage of hotel rooms. We never made any money (at least I didn't. Maybe my partners did but I never heard from them again). Anyway... Besides villas and houses there are also a number of self-catering properties, in other words they are like a hotel but the rooms, suites and apartments have a kitchen. If you are traveling as a family and getting several rooms at a hotel seems expensive then this is just as useful a site to you as it is to someone who is looking for a high end villa with a swimming pool and dramatic views. See Matt's Villas of Greece

Greek Travel Agencies

Athens Travel AgenciesOf course when you consider the fact that you may be going to an island, or several islands, and you will need not only a place to stay but also ferry tickets, airline tickets, transportation from the airport or the ports to the hotels and back, tours and excursions and possibly a helping hand should things not run as smoothly as you had hoped, the best thing to do is to work with a Greek travel agency. This makes planning a lot easier and takes the stress out of the trip since you have personal assistance every step of the way. Yes it is nice to be able to research and book hotels on-line but if you have any problems they won't be solved by and if you are using your local travel agent he may not even be in the same time zone as you. The 3 primary travel agencies on my website are Fantasy Travel, Dolphin Hellas, and Aegean Thesaurus Travel have all worked with me for over 20 years and in my opinion they are the best in Greece. Visit Matt's Recommended Travel Agencies

Matt's Create-an-itinerary Form

Greece Create an Itinerary PageSome people traveling to Greece know what they want or at least have some idea. If you are one of those people and you were smart enough to answer multiple-choice questions in high school even if you blew it on the SATs then try my create your own itinerary form which I have put together with the help of my friends at Fantasy Travel and Aegean Thesaurus. It's fun and a lot like making your own ice-cream sundae or a trip to the salad bar. Click on the islands you want to see and how many days you want to stay on each island, the category of hotels and other information and Fantasy will come back with a price. There is no obligation to book. Visit Matt's Fantasy Travel Create an Itinerary Form or Matt's Aegean Thesaurus Create an Itinerary Form

Greece Hotel Booking HelpSo even though I have given you the tools to find the best hotels or other accomodations I am well aware that for some people it is all too much and they just want someone to do the work for them and just tell them what they should do. Sure you could ask some stranger on facebook or go next door and ask the neighbor where they stayed when they went to Santorini, but maybe you want to be guided by someone who has a little more knowledge of hotels in Greece. What they used to call a professional. That is why I have created a page where you tell me pretty much what you need and I find a hotel that is suitable. But what is the catch? Why would I do your work and take up valuable time searching for hotels for you? The deal is that if I find hotels you like, that you book them through the links I provide, which means that the hotel will actually give me a commission for sending them business. If that is OK with you see

More Greek Hotel Info

Remember that by booking hotels through my web site I get a small commission which enables me to continue my work providing free information to travelers, so please consider this before going off to see if you can find a better deal and save 3 euros. If you find a hotel on my page and then go to Tripadvisor to read reviews please come back to my web site to book. (I need the money more than Tripadvisor does. Plus I am a human.) By the way I prefer family run hotels, which are similar to what we call BnB's so when you see the term "family run hotel" on my web site and you are looking for a BnB, you will probably be happy there.

Elies Hotel, Sifnos
Hotels of Greece
Lots of hotels all over Greece

Acropolis View Hotel
Hotels in Athens

Matt's Favorites

Villa in Greece
Villas of Greece

Houses and apartments too

Delfini Hotel, Molyvos
Matt's Greece Hotel Search
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Hotel Attalos, Athens
The Attalos Hotel
#1 Economy Hotel in Athens

Electra Palace Hotel, Athens
Electra Palace in Athens
Most popular hotel in the Plaka

Mykonos, Greece
Book Directly with Hotels

Volcano View Hotel
Hotels in Santorini

Mykonos Hotels
Hotels in Mykonos

Budget Hotel Epidavros
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Youth Hostels
Youth Hostels

Imperial Palace Hotel
Hotels in Thessaloniki

Elounda Mare Hotel, Crete
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Hotel Stavros, Sifnos
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Hotel King Othon, Nafplio
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Loriet Hotel, Lesvos
Lesvos Hotel Guide

Rhodes Hotels
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Paros Hotel
Hotels in Paros

Ag Prokopios Hotel, Naxos
Hotels in Naxos

Porto Kea Hotel
Hotels and Villas on Kea

Camping in Greece

Sofitel Hotel, Athens Airport
The Sofitel

At the airport

Divani Palaxce Hotel
Athens Coastal Hotels

Stay at the Beach!

 Grande Bretagne, Athens
The Grande Bretagne

Athens' most famous hotel

Volcano View Hotel
Volcano View Hotel

Affordable Luxury in Santorini

Divani Palace Hotel
Divani Palace Hotel and Spa

On the Beach in Vouliagmeni!

Athens Apartment
Apartments in Athens

Sometimes you need space

Pireaus Hotels
Pireaus Hotels

Delphi Hotel
Hotels in Delphi

Divani Meteora Hotel
Hotels in Meteora

Hydra hotels
Hotels on Hydra

Poros Hotel
Hotels on Poros

Corfu Hotels
Corfu Hotels

Milos Hotel
Milos Hotels

Porto Rafael Hotel, Tinos
Porto Raphael Hotel in Tinos

Hotel Aphroditi Beach
Hotel Aphrodite Beach in Lesvos

You can find hotels in Greece by location, price, whether or not it has a swimming pool, and see photos and reviews by using Matt's Hotel Search. Excellent prices and many hotels you can book and then cancel with no cancellation fee. For those who want to book without using a travel agency this is the best way to do it and the small commission I make off your booking enables me to continue my work.

Confused? Overwhelmed? Want me to help you find a hotel? See my Hotel Booking Assistance Page


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