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Hotel Volcano View, Santorini

This page is kind of useful. Similar to my but it actually has links to the hotels pages on each of my island guides and popular destinations in Greece so it may come in very handy if you save it to your favorite places.

Anyone who has used my Greece Travel Guides knows, I recommend using Greek travel agents to book hotels and coordinate ferries, flights, transfers etc. This is an especially good idea if you are booking a holiday that includes several islands. For those who want to use a Greek Travel Agency I recommend my Create-an-itinerary Form which you can fill out and get a price with no obligation to book. You can also go to the web sites of the travel agencies I recommend and they have island programs, probably with the islands you are interested in, at a price you would find it hard to match, using hotels that are the best in their category. Do do this go to the Travel Agency Page and choose an agency. For those who don't want to go that route this page is an index of my main hotel pages as well as some of the hotels I recommend. There are more at which is my main index of hotels that I recommend everywhere in Greece. Those who just want to book a hotel or two without using a travel agency can also research and book hotels through Remember that by booking hotels through my web site I get a small commission which enables me to continue my work providing free information to travelers, so please consider this before going off to see if you can find a better deal and save 3 euros. If you find a hotel on my page and then go to Tripadvisor to read reviews please come back to my web site to book. I need the money more than Tripadvisor does. Plus I am a human. By the way I prefer family run hotels, which are similar to what we call BnB's so when you see the term "family run hotel" on my web site and you are looking for a BnB, you will probably be happy there.

Elies Hotel, Sifnos
Hotels of Greece
Lots of hotels all over Greece

Acropolis View Hotel
Hotels in Athens

Matt's Favorites

Villa in Greece
Villas of Greece

Houses and apartments too

Delfini Hotel, Molyvos
Matt's Greece Hotel Search
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Hotel Attalos, Athens
The Attalos Hotel
#1 Economy Hotel in Athens

Electra Palace Hotel, Athens
Electra Palace in Athens
Most popular hotel in the Plaka

Volcano View Hotel
Hotels in Santorini

Mykonos Hotels
Hotels in Mykonos

Imperial Palace Hotel
Hotels in Thessaloniki

Elounda Mare Hotel, Crete
Hotels in Crete

Hotel Stavros, Sifnos
Hotels in Sifnos

Hotel King Othon, Nafplio
Hotels in Nafplio

Loriet Hotel, Lesvos
Lesvos Hotel Guide

Rhodes Hotels
Hotels in Rhodes

Paros Hotel
Hotels in Paros

Ag Prokopios Hotel, Naxos
Hotels in Naxos

Porto Kea Hotel
Hotels and Villas on Kea

Budget Hotel Epidavros
Budget Hotels in Athens

Sofitel Hotel, Athens Airport
The Sofitel

At the airport

Divani Palaxce Hotel
Athens Coastal Hotels

Stay at the Beach!

 Grande Bretagne, Athens
The Grande Bretagne

The most famous hotel in Athens

Volcano View Hotel
Volcano View Hotel

Affordable Luxury in Santorini

Divani Palace Hotel
Divani Palace Hotel and Spa

On the Beach in Vouliagmeni!

Athens Apartment
Apartments in Athens

Sometimes you need space

Pireaus Hotels
Pireaus Hotels

Delphi Hotel
Hotels in Delphi

Divani Meteora Hotel
Hotels in Meteora

Hydra hotels
Hotels on Hydra

Poros Hotel
Hotels on Poros

Corfu Hotels
Corfu Hotels

Milos Hotel
Milos Hotels

Porto Rafael Hotel, Tinos
Porto Raphael Hotel in Tinos

Hotel Aphroditi Beach
Hotel Aphrodite Beach in Lesvos

You can find hotels in Greece by location, price, whether or not it has a swimming pool, and see photos and reviews by using Matt's Hotel Search. Excellent prices and many hotels you can book and then cancel with no cancellation fee. For those who want to book without using a travel agency this is the best way to do it and the small commission I make off your booking enables me to continue my work.

Confused? Overwhelmed? Want me to help you find a hotel? See my Hotel Booking Assistance Page


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