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Greece is full of old walking paths and small winding roads that make it a paradise for hikers, bikers and even jeepers. Here are a few helpful links for people who want to see the part of Greece that most tourists never do and for those who may find laying in the sun all day a bit boring. For those looking for adventure, Greece has a lot of options.

Hiking and Biking in Meteora
Hiking & Biking in Meteora

Hot Air Balloon, Mount Olympus
Hike-Bike-Balloon Mount Olympus

Santorini Hiking and Wine tours
Santorini Hiking & Wine Tours

Hiking in Delphi
Hiking in Delphi

Hiking in Delphi
Hike Delphi
to Ancient Kirra

Trekking, Ipirus
Trekking in Ipirus

Ski in Greece
Ski Safari 

Wine tasting
Wine Tasting in Lemnos

Cooking class
Cooking in Lemnos

Fishing in Athens

Kayaking in Mani
Kayaking in Mani

VW Bug, Sounion
Classic Car Ride to Sounion

Hiking in Zagoria

Zagoria Bridge
Zagoria Bridges and Villages Hike

Louissos Gorge, Arkadia
Hiking the Louissos Gorge

Pelion Beach
Meteora-Pelion Hike

Canyon of the Centraurs, Pelion
Canyon of the Centaurs Hike

Kalamata Kayaks
Kayaking in Kalamata

Mountain Spirit, Guides
Mountain Spirit Guides

Dimitsana Gorge
Dimitsana Gorge & Architecture Hike

Messolongi flamingos
Birdwatching in Messolongi

Mosaic class
Mosaic Workshop in Sparta

Kayaking in Athens

Skydive in Athens
Tandem Skydiving near Athens

Kyfanta Walking Tours

Lesvos Village
Hiking in Greece Articles

White Tower Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki Walking Tours

Halkidiki Catamaran Cruise
Halkidiki Catamaran Cruise

Halkidiki Sea Kayaking
Halkidiki Sea Kayaking

Loutra Posar Hot Springs
Loutra Pozar Hot Springs

Mount Athos Cruise
Mount Athos Cruise

Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon in Thessaloniki

Horseback riding in Greece
Horseback-riding in Thessaloniki

Halkidiki, Snorkeling
Snorkeling in Halkidiki

Halkdiki sailboat
1 Day Sailing in Halkidiki

Birdwatching at Lake Kerkini

Athens Bike Tour
Athens Bike Tour

Athens Walking Tour
Athens Hills Walking Tour

Athens Walking Tour 

Athens Synogogue
Jewish Walking Tours
of Athens

Cycle Greece
Cycle-Greece: Bicycle Tours

Greece on Foot

Thessaloniki Jewish Walking Tour
Jewish Walking Tour of Thessaloniki

Sithonia Halkidiki Cruise
Sithonia Cruise

Windsurfing Lessons
Windsurfing Lessons in Thessaloniki

Lesvos, Moria Roman Aquaduct

Lesvos, Greece
Hikes in Lesvos

Delos, Greece
Mykonos Boat Trip to Delos

Santorini hiking
Hike the Santorini Volcano Caldera

Sea Kayak, Santorini
Sea-kayaking in Santorini

Horseback riding, Mykonos
Horseback Riding in Mykonos

Mykonos Cruise
Mykonos-Day Cruise

Lefkada Sailing
Lefkada Island Hopping

Paros sailboat
Paros Day Cruise

Tinos Culinary Tour
Tinos Culinary Workshop

Tinos Marble Walk
Tinos Marble Walk

Kythnos, Greece
3 Day Hike on Kythnos

Hiking, Andros
Hiking and Eating in Andros

Hiking in Evia, Greece
Biking & Hiking in Evia

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving in Skopelos

Crete windsurfer
Windsurfing in Crete

Snorkeling, Greece
Snorkeling in Chania, Crete

Amorgos, Greece
Eco-Activities on Amorgos

Samaria Gorge, Crete
Crete: Samaria Gorge

Ancient Karthea
Kea: Ancient Karthea Hike

Lesvos sailboat
Day Sails on Lesvos

Chania Beer
Chania Beer Tasting Tour

Breadshop, Chania
Chania, Crete Culinary Tour

Kefalonia Cave
Caving in Kefalonia

Kythira, Canyoning
Canyoning in Kythira

Sykros beach
Hiking & Swimming in Skyros

Vouvas Canyon
Vouvas Canyon, Kefalonia

Crete Greece
Photography Workshop in Crete

Santorini village
Photography Tour in Santorini

Tinos Photo Tour
Photography Tour on Tinos

Licensed Tour Guides
Licensed Tour Guides

Kea Sailboat
Sailing in Greece

Fantasy Travel
Fantasy Travel

George the Famous Taxi Driver
George the Famous Taxi Driver

Greek hotel
Greece Hotel Search

Matt Barrett
Matt's Greece Itinerary Suggestions

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