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Sailing in Greece

Saling in Greece, Catamaran

Guide to Greek Island Charters and Cruises

As anyone who has done it will tell you, the best way to visit the Greek Islands and the coast of mainland Greece is by sailboat. There are a large number of yacht companies, skipper-owners, flotillas, cabin cruises and even day sails cruising the Aegean and Ionian seas of Greece. This page will help you decide what kind of boat you want, where to go, when to go, and even who to go with.

Charter Sailboat in Poros, Greece

Globe Merchant Yacht Charters
For those people who want to sail in Greece but want to speak to an experienced advisor in the USA who can help them find the yacht and skipper that is most suitable for them look no further than David Econopouly at David has been matching boats and owners with clients for the last 15 years and works with some of the best skippers in the Mediterranean. He also offers bare-boating, flotillas and cabin charters, which are like cruises but on smaller boats, that are able to go to smaller islands and even make unscheduled stops in small coves for swimming and diving. If you have lots of questions to ask before you charter a boat then is a good place to start.

Sailing Articles, Reviews and Charter Information

Anatolie Sailboat Charter
1 Week Sailing Cruises
Cyclades-Sporades-Ionian Islands

Captain Markos
Sail with Captain Markos & Son
The Cyclades and More

Sailing in Greece
To Sail in Greece
by Matt Barrett

Day Sails from Athens
Day Sails from Athens

Nafplion Sailing Charters
Day-Sailing in Nafplion

Milos Catamaran Cruise
Day Sailing in Milos

Galileo Motor Yacht
8-Day Cyclades Motor Sail

Motor Yacht Harmony
8-Day Mega Yacht Cruise

Sailing in Molyvos, lesvos
Sailing in Lesvos

Sailing in Crete
Sailing in Crete

Santorini sailing charters
Santorini Sailing: Half-day Trips

Sailboat charter in Mykonos
Mykonos 1-Day Charter

Milos Day Cruise
Milos Caique Day Cruise

Matt Barrett Sifnos
Matt's Greek Island Guides

Santorini Fishing Trips
Fishing Trips in Santorini

Cabin Charter Sailboat
Cabin Charter Cruises

David motorboat
Why Charter a Yacht in Greece
with David at GM Charters?

Sailboat in Kea
How to Choose A Charter

Seascape Sailboat Charters
Seascape Sailboat Charters

sailboat skipper Stephan Richtor
All Year Cruises with
Stefan Ritscher

Nafplion, Greece
Nafplion: Alternative
to Sailing from Athens

Rhodes Day Cruise
Rhodes Day Cruise

Athens Catamaran Cruise
Athens Catamaran Cruise

Mykonos Catamaran Cruise
Mykonos Catamaran Cruise

Sea adventure
Sifnos Extreme Sea Adventure

Aegean Cruise
Sifnos RIB Boat Tours

Half Day Catamaran Cruise
Milos Half Day Catamaran Cruise

Naxos Catamaran Cruise
Naxos Catamaran Cruise

Paros Day Sail
Day Sail in Paros

Heraklion Cruise
Sailing in Heraklion, Crete

Milos Sailing
Milos Sailing

Skiathos Day Sail
Sailing in Skiathos & Skopelos

Corfu Sailing
Sailing in Corfu

Kefalonia Sailing
Sail from Kefalonia to Ithaka

Santorini Cruise
Santorini All Day Cruise

Sifnos Speedboat Tour
Sifnos Speedboat Tour

Sailboat charters, Kea
What is a Flotilla?

Sailboat in winter
Sailing in Winter

Sailboat in Poros, Greece
Frequently Asked Questions

Skipper BJ Leck
Featured Skipper: BJ Leck
The one and only!

Cruise ship
Fantasy's Greek Cruise Page
If a yacht is too small

Greek island of Sifnos
Matt's Greek Island Hotel Search

When you need a night on land

Sailboats in Kea
Kea: Probably Your First Stop

Kythnos sailboat
Kythnos: Probably Your 2nd Stop

Kamares, Sifnos, Greece
Sifnos: Your Favorite Stop

Sailboat charters
GM Charters:

Sailboats in Lavrion, Greece
Lavrion: Likely Point of Departure

Charter Sailboats in Athens
Athens Coast

Fiscardo Kefalonia
Fiscardo, Kefalonia

Santorini Catamaran Cruise
Santorini Volcano Sail

Naxos Fishing Cruise
Fishing Cruises in Naxos

Fantasy Travel in Greece
Fantasy Travel

Hotels, Tours, Cruises and more

Delphi, Greece
Organized Land Tours
Athens, Delphi, Meteora and more

Matt Barrett
Matt's Greece Itinerary Suggestions 

George the Famous Taxi Driver
George the Famous Taxi Driver
Transfers and Tours

Dennis Limo Service
Dennis Kokkotos Limo Service
Transfers and Tours

Billy's Bus tours
Billy's Bus Tours

Transfers and Tours

GM Sailboat Charter Contact Form
Use this form to contact my brother David who can assist you with your sailing trip. People say he is even more helpful than I am and he knows a lot more about sailing than I do.-Matt Barrett

Sailing in Santorini: There are several companies doing sailing charters around the island of Santorini on luxury Catamarans, which includes gourmet meals, swimming in isolated coves, and a spectacular view of the island. See Fantasy Travel's Sailing in Santorini Half-day cruise

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